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LA RÉALITÉ PASSE MAIS LE TEMPS NE CESSE JAMAIS //2011 book, 14,5x11,5 cm, 32 pages
         Stephen Hawking (or others thinkers like Etienne Klein) warn us on the vocabulary we use when we talk about Time, a notion that escapes us as long as we try to define it.
Follow a girl; stop the reality on close moments, in aim to catch how we can even say that it’s a different moment.

RELATIVITE //2012 Rutabaga Edtions, 10,5x10,5cm 
Circular comic composed of  3 sheet of paper. Fold it to read it from the beginning, untill the end.. which leads to the begining: over and over. Understand was occured and what are these strange entities, lost in the cosmos.

//2011 Publication, 16x24 cm, page 3/3
    Published in "Au fil du nil" book.
Each page is a step of the evolution of a star like Sun into a neutron star (passing through a supernovae), schematized on 3 layers.
On a more figurative level, we can follow the failure of an oneiric space exploration with some elements talking about the materiality of the layers (animals and values).

Audrey Hess, France

Interested in Arts, Fashion, Astrophysics, Set Design and digital media,
Audrey is mainly an illustrator. She has created digital collages for SoonSoonSoon,
interactive pictures for Arte, and is actually building her next website
and creating a book cover.