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TRAVEL //2012 photography
One of the many pictures taken during a trip through Yellowstone, USA.

//2014 interior photography
83 calle Muntaner, during the exhibition of a piece by Conrad Roset.

CLAIRE BASLER //2014 photography
5 rue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris, during the exhibition of Claire Basler work in a raw building.


NEGATIF //2012 photographies x 3, 29x42cm

How transforming an image can modify its perception?
My purpose was to manipulate imagination mechanism in order to perceive celestial bodies. The photographed objects became elusive, although photography should refer to reality. A simple process, intrinsic in the history of photography (the negative) allowed me to make of an irregular field of snow, a few celestial objects.


//2014 set deisgn & photography

Audrey Hess, France

Interested in Arts, Fashion, Astrophysics, Set Design and digital media,
Audrey is mainly an illustrator. She has created digital collages for SoonSoonSoon,
interactive pictures for Arte, and is actually building her next website
and creating a book cover.