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EVER SKY 2015 platform game create during the Global Game Jam 2015, Photoshop.
    EverSky is a local multiplayer only arena game developped and created in 48h. The game is made of different rounds, all with a different procedurally generated objective (Collect X coins, stun X other players, throw X crates...). Every player has the same goal, but none of them know it, as it's partially hidden from them at the beginning of the round. Players have to understand what to do while delaying their opponents in doing the same thing.

    I created all the graphic design and sprites animation, under the eye of Mathieu Bruguier (Game Designer), and with the specific constrains from the programmation of such a game realised by Loïc Mayeur and Kevin Caillau.
    Photo from the Sandbox Trailer / PLAY IT HERE

DERIVE 2013 & 2014 Interactive story, ~25 minutes, Construct 2
    "A simulated space travel participant suffers everyday from the experiences he must go through. Disapointed to not be able to take part to the actual space travel, he realises that this adventure will be his only way to be as close to space, without necessarily being into."

> SEE THE INTRODUCTION < in the collaborative website I built with some mates.
> FULL INTERACTIVE STORY < finaly online!

VOEUX 2015 2014 Interactive greeting card, Construct 2, css
click on the picture to see an interactive greeting card. Or HERE.
Run on Mozilla, Chrome and IE at least!

PLANCHE A ROULETTES 2014  website design, team project, after effect, photoshop, dreamviewer.
Website gathering good examples about Interactive projects. I participated on the visual part: layout, animations, color choice, "reference" tab layout and updating. 

SPATIAL 2012 Interactive story, Flash
Help a little astronaut to understand what happened to his space station, while learning some facts about his surrondings.

Audrey Hess, France

Interested in Arts, Fashion, Astrophysics, Set Design and digital media,
Audrey is mainly an illustrator. She has created digital collages for SoonSoonSoon,
interactive pictures for Arte, and is actually building her next website
and creating a book cover.