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DONNÉES //2014
chalk on painted medium wood , 244 x 960 cm.

          School exposition in FRAC Linazay, France. Important data that have affected and interested me in the field of Astronomy. From past to present designs, through human creations to access this knowledge ...

ECHELLES //2012 gouache painted matriochka, between 23 x 12 & 0,7 x 2 cm.
          "Infinitely far away to understand the extremes, the Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which it is derived and the infinite in which he is swallowed", said Blaise Pascal.
          I wanted to located the human being, between the two extremes of the observable universe.
The objects represented are characteristics of various orders of magnitude. they follow a geometric progression with a ratio of ten power five (a first object 100 000 time smaller than the next one).

Mixed media

      A presentation reming us about offices, which reveals a theme: the main accident of the space conquest and ask us to think further with also the unread speech of the president if apollo 11 had failed.

FRAGMENTS //2012 drawing & photography

REPETITION //2011 thread

Audrey Hess, France

Interested in Arts, Fashion, Astrophysics, Set Design and digital media,
Audrey is mainly an illustrator. She has created digital collages for SoonSoonSoon,
interactive pictures for Arte, and is actually building her next website
and creating a book cover.